Weekly Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

Our residential weekly maintenance program is comprised of multiple service offerings of your choice. Our entire lawn maintenance program revolves around the health of your lawn and landscape, therefore we only offer Lawn mowing services on a weekly recurring schedule. We choose to bag and remove all clippings, providing the aesthetically pleasing curb appeal that your property deserves. During periods of slow grass growth your property may be placed on a bi-weekly schedule if you prefer.

Grass Flower

Weekly Mowing: To ensure that we are providing the highest quality cut and health to your turf, we utilize superior commercial grade tools. We clean our mower decks and sharpen our blades every other day.

Add-on weekly services:

Landscape Bed Maintenance: During every weekly visit we will blow out all leaf debris that has accumulated in your landscape beds since our previous visit, as well as hand weed to preserve your clean, aesthetically-pleasing curb appeal.

Shrub Trimming: We recognize that every property is unique regarding foliage. We recommend to trim and shape your shrubs at least three times a year. However, some clients’ properties include more intricate shrubs that vary in symmetry and appearance which require persistent attention. Whatever your expectations may be, we will customize a weekly maintenance program that fits your needs.

Annual Flower Planters: Our annual flower planter program is a client favorite. For a minimal addition to your weekly lawn maintenance fee, your desired number of leased planters comprised of annual flowers and organic, nutrient-rich soil will be placed on your property. We will maintain these planters during every visit and exchange the flowers during Spring and Fall seasonal changes. All you have to do is water!

Bi-Weekly Winter Services: Many of our clients with a large number of trees on their properties request that we maintain their property on a bi-weekly schedule during the winter months to keep up with the discharged tree debris. This service prevents damage to the turfgrass caused by excessive leaf buildup on the property. If you have a significate number of trees on your property, we recommend allowing us to visit your property on a bi-weekly schedule during the winter months.

Dog Waste Removal: We ask all clients to have animal waste removed from the lawn prior to our arriving on their scheduled date of service. However, if you can’t find time to keep on top of this task, we are more than happy to help. Before performing your scheduled weekly maintenance, we will gladly remove any dog waste from the lawn to keep from contaminating our equipment and transferring the waste to another client’s property. All of our waste removal tools are cleaned and sanitized after each use to prevent any contamination on to your or any other clients’ property. This service is based on a fee per animal.

Bermuda Grass

After you choose your weekly service offerings, we will build a customized maintenance program tailored to your property. Once the program has been created we will provide you with a weekly lawn maintenance quote. Our residential lawn maintenance program runs from approximately March 1st to October 31st and as needed in February and November. You will never be bound by a contract with us! We understand that things change, and all you have to do is give us a call or send an email within 24 hours of any scheduled service to be taken off of our schedule. Once we receive that notice, your confidential payment information will be safely removed from our billing system and your property will be taken off of our schedule. It’s that easy.